So here is our video index/gallery and what not. Don is a home movie buff. He has been into making home video productions since about 1980. Many of the videos you find here are home movies of vacations or events around home. Other selections in this gallery take on the flavor of short films that include friends and family as the actors and production staff. Its all in the name of fun!

Most everything is done in Microsoft Movie Maker. So the links are "wmv" files. Most videos are linked three times for slow, medium and faster internet connections. The file size varies as does the quality. So slow connections get a smaller picture, with less quality. If you have DSL, Cable or an office LAN (broadband) always try the fastest version for best quality.

By clicking the hyperlink your default media player will open the wmv file and start streaming it immediately. You can also right-click the hyperlink and choose "save target as" and save it to your local machine. If the video is jumpy you should save the whole file to your machine then watch it after the download completes. This will avoid internet streaming glitches. Of course if your computer is slow also, you're just out of luck.




2008 Video Releases
Aunt Virginia
2007 Video Releases
Rap Cat Jenny In The Bag 07/17/2007 yuck rucky FAST
Chewbacca Overdrive - Blah Song 07/01 nope uh uh FAST
Chewbacca Overdrive - Lead Guitar Audition 05/09 N/A N/A FAST
Backyard Stuff N/A N/A FAST
Clay Creations N/A N/A FAST
Kelly Arrives N/A N/A FAST
Mentos and Diet Pepsi N/A N/A FAST
Random Stuff N/A N/A FAST
Tea Party N/A N/A FAST


Chainsaw-Coffee     FAST
Folsom Tubing SLOW MED FAST
Feeding Time SLOW MED FAST
Geese & Heron SLOW MED FAST
Interview: With a near sighted American Vampire     FAST
Jenny Watches Video SLOW MED FAST
Kanpai!     FAST
Makin Tomales SLOW MED FAST
Night Chopper SLOW MED FAST
Oye Chuk da patte! SLOW MED FAST
Pay to Enter SLOW MED FAST
Piper Down     FAST
Rafting Satellite Maps SLOW MED FAST
Shamus' Ocean SLOW MED FAST
The Shamus Conflict SLOW MED FAST
Toss Your Bean -n- Ham SLOW MED FAST