Mini Family Reunion 2007

Kelly flew down to socal with Sam and Samantha to visit Craig while he worked a long term assignment for a company down here.  She also stopped by Mom -n- Dad's place then flew up to our neck of the woods.  We also cashed in some air miles and flew Mom up to our place to visit some more with Kelly and the kids. Finally we decided to surprise Kelly and fly Karen in also. We had a great time!

Socal and Legoland Socal Mom and Dad's Norcal April 28th and 29th Norcal April 30th
Norcal May 1st n 2nd      

Shot some video of the back yard for posterity.

Sam and Samantha create some great stuff out of clay. Link
Kelly arrives at the airport and we surprise her with Karen. Link
Put Mentos in Diet Pepsi like Myth Busters. Link
Random and misc. video. Link
A Tea Party with my Niece. Link