Visiting Mom and Dad on Dad's Birthday September 2005

Below is a thumbnail version of a 3 MB Panorama file. This is actually about 12 pictures stitched together using this nifty program that came with our Canon PowerShot A520. I think its neato. Big file, don't click it if you are on dial-up or if you are on dial-up then click it and go grab a sandwich. Internet Explorer will automatically zoom you out when you do get the file open. Then if you hover your mouse over the picture for a second, a zoom control will appear in the lower right corner of the picture. Clicking this zoom control will zoom the picture to "regular size" then you can use the horizontal scroll bar to pan through the full picture.  I suggest right-clicking this file, saving it to your desktop, then opening it in your favorite viewer..

Click Here to watch a video of Makin Tomales!