Christmas 2005

Christmas with Kristy and Kids

Thursday, December 22nd, 2005

Today Don, Kristy, Eric and Christopher went to the Lazer Tag place. We play video games, Air Hockey, stuff and junk and played Lazer Tag. I think Kristy had a broken Lazer because she obtained a score of 0.0.  Either that or she is totally lame at Lazer Tag! Poor Kristy. Christopher was on my team, but at Audra's request he shot me several times. Thanks Chris! Your the best!

After we got back from the Lazer place we threw parachute guys over the balcony that Eric and Christopher won with their video game tickets.

Also, Audra and Don attended Don's Office Christmas party. Audra had to work all day, so it was a mad rush for her to get home, through all the crazy holiday traffic then rush to the party for an hour or so and then come home again. Crazy fun! Can't wait for Tomorrow. Mom and Dad get here, more parties and fun! 

Wednesday, December 21st, 2005

Kristy, Eric and Christopher arrive! Today was a great day. The airlines totally messed up and cancelled their connecting flight from Oregon to Sacramento.  As a nice added bonus when Kristy asked the airline clerk what they should do, the clerk said "I don't know." Yay! Thanks Alaska Airlines! Your the best!  So she was able to convince the airlines to put them on another flight to Oakland, CA.  We drove down and picked them up.  Thanks for the extra 1 and 1/2 hours of driving time Alaska Airlines! Your the best!

Anyway we are so happy to have Kristy, Eric and Christopher at our home for Christmas!!! Light Saber fights began almost immediately.