2007 Featured Events


November 2007

This was our big, big vacation. It has been over a year since we took a long vacation, and we haven't taken a vacation over 2 weeks since we were in the Military.  We bought a travel trailer and hit the road for the Grand Canyon State - Arizona!

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July 17th

Put Jenny in the bag. There is this bag from this place and you are suppose to put your cat in it. See www.rap-cat.com and stuff for more info. I put a video together with an mp3 downloaded from that site, and tried to put Jenny in the bag.


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July 1st

After nearly 2 months in the studio Chewbacca Overdrive releases this debut single "Blah Song".


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May 9th

Don starts band "Chewbacca Overdrive". Accepting audition tapes now. Serious candidates only.


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April 30 to May 2nd

Big Family visit at the end of April and beginning of May. Great fun hosting Kelly, Sam, Samantha, Karen and Mom!!


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2006 Featured Events